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John 14

Coffee Date

I asked a Godly friend I respect once how he knew whether something he was thinking was of God or of himself. He said the more time you spend with God, the easier it becomes to recognize His voice. I won’t claim I’m there yet, but when something in me says “you really should go talk to that girl” when my personal desire would be to keep to myself, I know it has to be of God.

I’ve been playing pick-up soccer locally for the past two years now, and haven’t hung out with anyone I’ve met from it yet. That’s partly because most of the players are male, and partly because you can tell in a small town whether someone drinks or not, and that’s how most people hang out. But this was a girl, and she’s come several times now. We’d never really chatted; just exchanged some comments on the field. And after I went over, I found out she’s about seven years older than me.

With the Holy Spirit and a cup of coffee, who knows where this might go. Maybe we’ll only meet one time. But I pray the Lord uses me to be a blessing to her in some way, even if it’s only getting a free cup of coffee. I pray for you that you’ll listen to that nudge, go over and talk to that person, and invite them to a cup of coffee. 


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One thought on “Coffee Date

  1. Ministry is never safe or comfortable, and there are always questions. So often I wonder if I have ever made a difference at all.

    Praying for you as you follow God’s lead. May He bless your efforts.

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