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After more deliberation – and I’m pretty sure the Spirit’s prompting – I’m not going to let Beth Moore do the teaching for me. I’m going to dig deep and do this thing myself.

That sounds awfully selfish and elitist, doesn’t it.

I knew I was sort of relying on this new Bible Study I found to do the dirty work for me – help someone else grow in their knowledge and relationship with God. I will let the study teach and grow me, but use it only as an aide in my teaching. Now I have this awesome opportunity to dig deep and be led by the Spirit into more truth, more growth, and more… just everything, including frustration. I foresee this being very hard; the only way I can think to do this so I don’t miss anything is do find all the verses in the Bible that talk about the Holy Spirit and study them in context. And I really have no clue how to organize all this information. I feel like I’m going to be writing a huge research paper, and what I need to be culminating in is a Bible study. Maybe my friend I’m sharing this with can just come along for the ride; this project won’t be done in 2 weeks 🙂

But the biggest thing I want out of this is real, live application. I was suddenly reminded of the old worship song by Michael W. Smith,

“More love, more power
More of You in my life
More love, more power
More of You in my life.

I will worship You with all of my heart
And I will worship You with all of my mind
And I will worship You with all of my strength
For you are my Lord
You are my Lord.

More faith, more passion
More of You in my life
More faith, more passion
More of You in my life.”

That’s not all the lyrics, but that’s all I really want out of this study. For me, but mostly for her and anyone else I come in contact with.


Living Beyond Yourself

So it appears I am terrible at being consistent with blogging. We’ll work on that. In the mean time, here’s what I’ve been learning…

It was time for a new Bible study, and although I’m ashamed to admit it, I don’t do too well with just sitting and reading my Bible. I need to go deeper, and I’ve found that the more structure I have the better. When I discovered my church had a stash of Beth Moore Bible studies I could borrow… I got giddy. I learned SOO much about God in the Patriarchs study, got to memorize a bunch of scripture and apply specific truths in James, and watched God work wonders when it seemed like He was absent in Esther. Next, I wanted to reach for the Psalms, but God put the study on the fruit of the Spirit out in front, and I was in a hurry. 

It’s exactly what I need right now. And if I move before I finish it, I’m taking it with me and returning it in the mail. It’s also exactly what I need for the friend I’m helping disciple. 

At first glance, I thought, “Oh, it’s another study on how to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control. I know I need to work on these things; here we go.” But it’s not like that at all. The very first verse mentioned was John 14:17 – Christ’s promise of the coming Spirit. The theme of the study is Living Beyond Yourself – Christ came so that we might have life to the full – Jn 10:10. We have a purpose and we are called, and it is revealed by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the living, active power of God, and He resides in US so WE can have POWER and do mighty things in GOD’S NAME!!! 

We’re SUPPOSED to live with power. We’re SUPPOSED to live beyond ourselves – in the day to day – traffic, dishes, forgetting the keys, work, dinner – and the big things too – job, marriage, kids, calling.

I hate that saying: “God will never give you more than you can handle.”


God delights in giving you more than you can handle – then you go to Him, and He gets to show up in power and glory. As Beth Moore put it, “God will put us in situations to live beyond ourselves – it is for us, not against us.” It’s what is best for us. We’re not supposed to do this life with our own energy, our own talent, and our own emotions. We’d wreck everything. Instead, we get to be a part of a world-wide plan to love, redeem, and restore people to live the best lives possible. And it’s all through the Spirit. I’m down with that. 

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